& Dyeing
Learning to Tapestry Weave
I offer workshops tailored to groups they are
a beginners/ refreshers course and a texture and design course.

Workshops can take place either at a venue selected by you or in my studio.

IIf you are new to tapestry weaving I offer a 2 hour Tapestry Taster session - a chance to try out weaving on a warped up loom,yarns supplied. I do not have set dates as I prefer to arrange a time that suits you.

Contact Trisha for more details if you want a time and space to weave,have some tuition and fun learning

Trishary Travel Loom ( UK)
"for people who want to play with fibres where ever they go! "

Using this loom you can create small ,fine weavings (up to 9cm x 11cm), it fits in most hand bags/rucksacks needing only a handful of yarns.
A useful addition for weavers, spinners, knitters, embroiderers and felters wanting to use weaving in textiles or for making cards.
The loom is made in Scotland from environmentally resourced oak, you can use it as it is or stain,paint or wax.

Dyeing with Fungi
I discovered that fungi produce wonderful dyes around 1990.Since then I have been using dyed fibres in my weavings.
The dye colours include purples,reds,oranges,yellows and all the shades in between. Recently I have been playing with using the sun to solar dye with good results.
Most of the dye fungi can be found In Scotland but sadly we have very limited supplies.
The fungi photo shows c.semi sanguineous which gives red/oranges.
My adventure with fungi has taken to International Fungi & Fibre Symposiums held across Europe,USA and Australia.

An introduction to Dyeing with Fungi
this is a taster session for individuals or 2/3 persons

Fungi Dye Demonstration for groups

If you wish to learn more about dyeing with Fungi this demonstration takes you through a dye session showing how the dye is extracted and the yarn is dyed. At the end of the session any dye residue is available for pot luck dyeing.

Subject to fungi supplies up to three species are used.

International Fungi & Fibre Symposium August 2018

The next symposium will be in Norway

use the email link to contact me for more information on any of the above