& Dyeing
Tapestry Weave and Fungi Dyeing
I offer "try it out" sessions , individual tuition and small group workshops from beginners/ refreshers techniques through to using texture and developing your design ideas.

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Dyeing with Fungi
demonstrations and dye days are limited by the fungi i have available. We can find most of the dye mushrooms in Scotland however you have to be prepared to go on forays , learn about identification in order to pursue this in any serious way!

If you wish to learn more about dyeing with Fungi email trisha
Dyeing with Fungi
My adventure with fungi has taken to the International Fungi & Fibre Symposiums in Europe,USA and Australia.

The next International Fungi & Fibre Symposium will take place in the USA . The date will be sometime from late summer 2020 to early spring 2021 depending on venue!